Schindler elevator designs

Introducing a line of contemporary elevator designs that initiate a new era of immersive user experience in vertical transport. Schindler Designs is now available in Europe, and coming soon to the rest of the globe.

Schindler Designs. Unleash your creative vision.

The high-quality, standardized palette enables architects, designers, and building owners to harmonize an elevator’s style with its surroundings, making it an integral part of any home, office, or public space.

Natural nuances

Tone on tone

Accent color

Architectural elegance

Digital spaces

Natural nuances - subtle, sublime, serene

This color palette draws inspiration from earthy tones, reflecting the hues found in forests, mountains, and meadows. Create a sense of grounding and authenticity with these refined and simple laminates.

Trending color samples

Nutmeg Beige Canvas

Hazelnut Brown

Coffee Wood

Cashmere Beige Glass

Tone on tone - elegant, unique, impactful

Discover the understated elegance and refined simplicity of monochromatic color schemes. Use varying shades and tones of a single color to create a harmonious and sophisticated aesthetic. The absence of contrasting colors allows the focus to shift towards texture, pattern, and materials, emphasizing their unique qualities.

Trending color samples

Olive Green Twill

Aloe Green Glass

Shadow Grey Glossy

Shadow Grey

Accent color - bold, dynamic, exciting

Choose from a palette of vibrant and contrasting hues to add visual interest and depth to a space. With a predominantly neutral or monochromatic color palette, one bold and dynamic color pops as the focal point. The contrast between the neutral tones and the vibrant accent color creates a sense of drama and excitement, while also allowing for easy customization and versatility.

Trending color samples

Lagoon Blue

Pearl White Glossy

Plum Red

Satin White Glass

Architectural elegance - grace, beauty, refinement

Celebrate the beauty and impact of unique architectural elements. This theme highlights the intricate details, structural forms, and decorative features that define a building’s character. From ornate columns and arches to sleek modern lines and dramatic facades, these design elements aim to showcase the artistry and craftsmanship behind architectural design.

Trending color samples

Calacatta Dove Ceramic

Champagne Polished Steel

Maple Wood Ceramic

Crystal Onyx Ceramic

Digital spaces - intuitive, interactive, adaptable

Reveal the immersive and dynamic nature of the virtual world. This theme embraces the integration of technology and design to create interactive and engaging environments. These spaces often feature sleek and futuristic aesthetics, with clean lines, minimalistic forms, and high-tech materials.

Trending color samples

Carbon Brushed Steel

Clear Glass

Truffle Grey Canvas

Alpine Green Ceramic

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